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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Greetings all!

real name? Jeff
age? 48
how long been playing? 41 years
origin of user name? My vintage set. (see Your Gear: '67 Rogers Monster)
top 5 drummers? Rich, Cobham, Peart, Collins, Bozzio
make of drumkit? Rogers
make of cymbal? Zildian, Sabian, Paiste, Wuhan
where do you practice? Spare bedroom
are you in a band/s? Not presently but would like to be.
covers or originals? no preference
what style of music? Name it!! If Iím stroking the skins and getting paid, Iíll play Happy Birthday all night long. I get paid extra to NOT sing.
favourite take out food? Filet 'o fish and a quarter pounder with cheese, vanilla shake... Damn! Now I'm hungry.
country? USA
one really odd fact about yourself? I write poetry.
how did you start drumming? My parents took me to the circus at six years old. We sat right next to the band and I was more infatuated by the guy hitting all the shiny and noisy things in front of him than anything going on in the three rings. That one day changed my life forever.