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Originally Posted by Superlow
Bonzo, is still to this day one of the most influencial rock drummers or drummers period. My favorite part of his playing is his feel or pocket. I recommed that you guys pick up the How the West was Won live CD. Some of the most spectacular drum work I have heard out of Bonham and Led Zeppelin
i went to the library today with my mom and i saw How The West Was Won 3 disc CD and i remember seeing on here someone recommended it i look on the back Disc 2 Track 4 Moby Dick 19 min long i pop it in and thought it might get boaring but i was listening to it and i couldnt believe how good it was i mean i knew bonzo was a god but this solo was unbelievable its insane he is 2 good for words i recommened that CD to anyone who likes Bonzo
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