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Tommy Lee was one of my major influences growing up as a kid; he definately made me want to pick up a pair of sticks. I have to laugh at the comments about him being "mediocre", "a nobody", "not impressive", or "not even a good drummer". As far as the bashers, and I'm not saying this just because of Tommy's influence on me, he's sold millions of albums with Motley Crue, toured all over the world and is still selling out shows on Motley Crue's reunion tour...but I guess that's what happens when you're a nobody.

I have to agree with Jaymaster that if it weren't for most bands, the drummers would be nobodys.

I don't like Blink 182 at all...but I think that Travis Barker is a great drummer.

Oh, I'm sure that h3llion would've done better on that college marching band tryout than tommy did on his TV show...even if he hadn't picked up a set of quad toms in 20 plus years! I started marching band when i was 11 years old and played all the way to my graduating year of high school; If i were to pick up my quad toms now after being away from them 10 wouldn't be easy either.

If you've really listened to Motley Crue's stuff...Tommy's drumming is killer...both his sound and his playing...he was perfect for the Crue. His solos and his drumming might not have been very "technical", but his solos were fun to watch and his drumming definately inspired me. And I'm sure they've inspired others.

Not bad for a "medicore" drummer.

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