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Yes that also, Shawn does back up vocals for a lot of songs, The Nameless(If you listen live he also says things during the "Pathetic.. Accepted.. etc" part. Ah yes, the beer keg part in duality! haha I love seeing him live beat that thing with a baseball bat, requires no talent but he knows how to time it, if you listen to songs you'll hear it and be like damn, that added a lot of character to the song. The marching snare part in The Blister Exists is rather easy.. but it's not bad either. Easy doesn't always equal bad haha I like it, one of the first things I played actually.. Thought I was cool but now I was like oh.. that really required no talent.. haha

Also for those solo people, the 9.0 solo sounds a whole lot better than the Disasterpieces IMO. Sort of same thing but I feel like I hear a lot more cymbals and stuff

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