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I know I know old thread.. But i've done my research on Slipknot.. interesting history if you really wanna take the time. Yes, the 2 other drummers are fairly good, Actually Shawn Crahan was the original drummer. No, Jordison is not only a heavy metal drummer. I heard a song from 1997, an original "never supposed to be heard" off their album "Crowz". Supposedly only like 3 were made, but there is a song called Wise Up, its basically 17 minutes of them just jamming, line up then was lacking Chris Fehn and a couple others, primarily Sid Wilson and Jim Root(or Mick Thompson) I cant honestly remember. But it actually sounds very little like Slipknot now. By very little I mean "wow I can't tell" Except for Jordison, I really couldn't Joey just has that style that you're like yep, that's him. But he laid down some funky grooves that I liked no less than his work on Slipknot, Iowa and Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses. I like his style, I love the rolls and double bass grooves. Fun to play too. I'm not gonna rant and rave about how all other drummers suck and Jordison is god, I love the guys style and hes my favorite but I am willing to admit that there are better drummers than him and every mans entitled to his own opinion, just wanted to shed some light onto the situation involving Shawn Crahan and Chris Fehn. :) Also about how Jordison would or wouldn't sound good playing Jazz, or something similar, i've heard it and yes he sounds very good considering its almost a decade ago.
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