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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Originally Posted by mapexboy87
Billy, hey man! Just wanted to say that I was at your St. Louis Drum Clinic for Drum Headquarters. Im the first guy that asked you about your hi hats, then 3 questions later some dork asked the same question! I dont know if you remember, but I just wanted to let ya know, that you were right about my floor tom. I moved it out a little more and have a lot of room now for my right foot, and my rolls are SO much better! Thanks for the tip, and I guess we will see ya! Later Billy!

-Eric Weiss
St. Louis, MO

P.S. Ever consider playing with John Mayer? Or not your style of tunes?

thanks Eric - I'm happy to have helped out!
I played with John Mayer on one of the songs from BB King's record, "80". I'd be very happy to play some more with him... Let's see if it ever happens! :D
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