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I am a huge Weckl fan. I just feel his technicality/perfectivness at almost anything drum oriented, scares drummers. I mean if you listen to someone like Tommy Lee and think his drumming is so cool...(haha, i don't like him) then you probably won't find Weckl's drummin so fun. It's not the style where you can listen to it once just to get everything out of it. His musical sence is amazing, and if you say otherwise, pick up mu.tiplicity, or live and very plugged in. The hesitation/sax and drum intro on the first cd of live and very plugged in you can just get a tiny taste of his excellence. To me he is like the Bach of drumming. His whole fusion style is like a very modern classical music approach.
So i geuss what I am trying to say is...please don't bash weckl...
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