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To me, Carter Beauford is like an Albert Pujols. The best at what he does. I have listened to the Dave Matthews Band for... Oh man.... maybe 6-7 years now. I cant get enough of it. When I saw him play live for the first time,I was just blown away. The off beat jams, the complicated fills, having a ride cymbal on the left side of the kit... I never knew how intense he really was until I started playing. I wish I could have a tenth of the skill he has. Trying to play songs like Two Step, Granny, Warehouse, Pantala Naga Pampa, and the list could go on forever.... it takes so long to learn. He is so good. Probably the best alive right now, and for a good amount of years. My only sad part about him is that he recently turned over to the dark side of the force (lol) going over to Remo Heads. Dont yell at me about Remo, its just a JOKE!!!
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