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Default hi

]real name?dany
how long been playing? 9 years
origin of user name? my nickname
top 5 drummers? vinnie collaiuta, dave weckl., ackira jimbo, phill collins, buddy rich
make of drumkit? pearl export
make of cymbal? Zildjian z custom( hi hat, crash , crash , splash, china , ride)
where do you practice? at home
are you in a band/s? i am making one
covers or originals? originals
what style of music? fusion and funk rock
favourite take out food? vietnamese
country? Lebanon ( where there has been protests and changing of the govermnent for the past 6 months)
one really odd fact about yourself? i have been diabetic since i was 5
how did you start drumming? when i was 8 i lied to a bunch of older guys in my school that i was a good drummer, they didn't believe me and started making fun of me so i bought a drumset and i started practising[/size]