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Hi all.
Another thing about Joe. He is one of the nicest people that you could ever wish to be associated with. For example. After he had recorded his CD Going Places - Great cover pic btw. Joe astride a Harley....! - I contacted the recording company to see if they would be making any more recordings. They said there was nothing planned so I asked them to pass on to Joe all my best wishes and thanks for all his recordings. They had my address on their mailing list and some time later I received in the post a letter from Joe thanking me for all my kind words - I was blown away just thinking that he took time out to acknowledge my comment made to the studio. Some time later my local jazz club here in the UK was experiencing difficulty with the local authority and faced possible closure and a petition was hastily drawn up and many big names fro the jazz world signed it. I contacted Joe and asked if he would consider signing the petition. I later received an Email back to say that he has "signed" the petition and sent a message of good luck to the club management. The man is truly a "star" - if you can use such a word about a legend.
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