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From what I've heard, Jon was having back problems. Drumming wasn't helping. From an interview with Jon about the new record, he had said that the drumming was so insane that even he was having trouble with it. That's a lot to say coming from him...So perhaps touring every single night playing those songs COULD screw up his back pretty bad...But I don't know. And someone on The Comatorium forum (official mars volta message board) said that Jon wasn't real crazy about the new record to begin with.

As for Blake Flemming, if anyone has heard the original Mars Volta demos when they first started, Blake was the original drummer. And if anyone's heard Omar's "A Manuel Dexterity", Blake did all the drumming on that record too. He's not bad; in fact he's pretty damn good. But NO ONE can replace Jon in that band...No one can replace his style and his way of playing. He has big shoes to fill...I hope he can pull it off.
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