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Default Re: mics

ok, im really new to recording (all i know is what i've gotten from scanning a few wikipedia articles and lotsa threads here) so i've got some questions. im planning (somtime) to get two overheads to mic my kit. i'll be using garage band on a powerbook to record my playing.
i know i'll need two identical overhead condensers - i'm on quite a budget, so i'm looking at three models mainly:
Nady CM-90
Nady CM-88
and Behringer B-5
I'm shying away from the Behringer because of the price. are cardoid mics ok for overheads or will i want to spend the extra cash for the option of omnidirectional?
what kinda stand(s) and clips and the like will i need for an XY setup? (cheap servicable examples welcome)
what am i gonna need as a middleman from the mics to the powerbook? (same w/ examples again)
what will i need to power the mics?
and is there anything i seem to be missing? like i said, im new at this and need to know the complete spectrum of gear i need to buy
thanks, sorry for so many questions

ps-also, opinions one which of the above mics i should get (especially between the nadys) and low-cost alternatives are welcome
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