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Default Re: Steve Smith Clinic! now with report and pics!

actually now that i think of it i can understand PE's excitement. when i was a newby drummer all drum solos were amazing but i had no idea what i was hearing or even really seeing. even yesterday at the clinic i know that a lot of what those blokes were doing sounded like neat rumbling to me.
but to ears as old and percussively tuned as peter's he must have been able to identify or at least closely guess what steve was doing; and then as a top drummer himself, he knew exactly how hard the parts were; and then being the class of musician the peter is, he was able to see the full finesse with which steve was executing the moves...and the admiration was informed and genuine.
i think its a cool realisation i've just made: as we get better the solos we see around us become better understood and more fully appreciated by us.
i can imagine the guys at the top love meeting eachother and seeing what other guys are doing and how well they are pulling it all off. i want in on that...
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