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Default Re: Steve Smith Clinic! now with report and pics!

Wow, they are two of my favourite drummers! I'm envious to say the least! Nutha, were you kind enough to abide the international laws of getting on other peoples kits?! I notice you don't have your own snare or cymbals (athough if I had the chance to sit on a legends kit, I'd uhhhhh... "forget" all my stuff, but somehow remember my sticks).........? Hehe, kidding.

Hehe, sitting on B. Greb's kit, eh? I imagine that would have been experience. The only thing I don't like on his kit is that inverted splash, very little attack. It's good for how he uses it, but it's too hard to tell where it starts....... Is that tape on his ride? He has amazing ride sound, from/assisted by tape?! Wow, didn't see that coming.

I'd imagine clinics would be throwing you into the deep end....... with a weight...... Especially when sometimes you would just want to watch in awe as they send their sounds your way. I would find it hard to concentrate. With all that great drumming.

I find what Steve said about practicing interesting. I much prefer to practice home alone, because I feel I can open up a bit more when I'm not annoying anyone, and no matter how much I try to think that most people don't know what makes good drumming, I still have that thought nagging at the back of my mind.

Thanks very much for the pictures and information, things like this make this site even more special. This site is great, man, you guys do a wonderful job. I hope to go to one of these clinics someday, not much happens drumwise in my little corner of the world...

Great stuff!
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