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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

Hi Mek -
no I don't recall knowing a Gene Utz.

and Hi Bernhard - hope you are doing well!

To all of you - I'm chilling out now (finally). Had to cancel the last show of my clinic tour in Jersey City because my mom went into the hopital and had to be there to help with my dad (who has Alzheimers - they are both 86 yrs old). It was VERY intense. But now all is back to normal (whatever that means! :D) and I've been catching up on my sleep a bit.

There is a small announcement to make - I will be one of the performers at the DrumWorld Festival - held in Amsterdam. Someone from my site (Seb) hipped me to this announcement. It happens the week before DrummerLive. So if any of you are in the area - come and let's meet!
Here's their announcement:

It takes place on Sept 17th, in Amsterdam. I'm going to hang out in Amsterdam for a few days and do some masterclasses as well - then head up to London for DrummerLive the very next weekend!

The only sad thing about this is that I will miss the Modern Drummer festival - too bad... but I look forward to seeing Amsterdam again!
Should be fun! Hopefully I'll have more details in August.
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