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Default Just saying hello!

Hello All, :)

Just wanted to say hello to everyone here. Bernhard I think you have and continue to do an amazing job on this complete site. I know how much time it takes to create and up keep a site like this. Great work my friend!

A little about myself; I started playing the "air drums" ;) when I was just five after seeing KISS for the first time on TV. The drummer just captivated me and I was hooked. Every song I could listen to I would try and find the drums in it and copy it to the best of my imagination. Eventually I got a real bass pedel, I was so tickled pink of that I thought I was playing the big time (As billy would say ;)) Later on, on my 8th birthday I got a real kiddie drum set, I played with it for about 1 week and the skins broke on me, so back to my trusty air drums. When I turned 14 I got a bitter-sweet present from my dad. I got the real thing this time, a full fleged drum set. Unfortunately a few days later my dad died in a car crash (Which could have been because of his bad heart.) hence bitter-sweet gift. All of my feelings and energy went into that drum set. My favourites, Bonaham, Phil Colins, and Neil Pert. I managed to intertwine all of their styles in with mine and I was off. When I turned 19 I had to move away from Montreal and couldn't bring my drums with me and so one thing led to another, years past without playing and just resently I got another set. I did some work for a guy and we traded, work for the drums. I think I got the better deal. ;)

Anyways, so all this to say who I am and why I'm here. I've looked around the internet and found some good spots for lessons to get back into it, been practising for the last three years but mostly resent. The drum set has grown in that time to double so now I'm up to a 12 ps w/dbass. The last little while I've really gotten the bug again and it's time to get my skills back. And it's such a dam good stress releaver!! |-))) So that's me in a nutshell. Hope to get a lot of good friends from here that have the same passion as I do, and from the looks of it, I think I did. :) Later guys and gals.
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