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I will concede that Weckl plays modern jazz [i.e. Chick Corea], but I disagree that he is a modern jazz drummer. His style is very much predicated upon principles of fusion, in my opinion.

I do, however, snicker at drummers knocking his lack of mistakes.

The dude is a metronome! If making mistakes floats your boat, then [by all means], go listen to some cheap quazi-punk. I'm going to stick with the guys who have flawless technique and inventive, if not artistic, methods: Dave Weckl, Manu Katche, etc.

Though I am a proponent of smaller kits, I also like his sound much more than that of drummers in the Steve Gadd vein of things.

I have to disagree with many of the statements posted and argue that Dave is one of the best drummers alive. While his style can become static, it: serves the music well, doesn't put odd things in odd places, is based around expanding the art of drumming, and [if nothing else] is practically a model of perfection for modern fusion percussion.
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