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Originally Posted by Alex Riel
Hi Gregg,

I'm afraid we never recorded anything .. or at least we never released anything.
I might have a little something somewhere though (I'll get back to you if I find it).

Well, we did make a studio recording once ... but it never got released! So I can't really say how you may have heard of us. Great band though. We were two drummers: Kasper Winding and me. What a lot of nice noise!!!

Take a look at the pic in my international driver's license from back then .. and you'll know how and why!!!

Aw, you are too kind. It's certainly my pleasure to pop in here from time to time and see what you guys have been writing. Thanks again for your interrest!

Best wishes

Well, if you can find some recordings of that group, I'd keep my mouth shut about them and pay shipping....(I'm not certain, but I might have some old Montmartre bootlegs of you with various people too, speaking of rarities!)

Regarding the 'all girl' band, yeah, I can see that! So you were in disguise (as a woman) then...

Oh, and uh, remember when I asked you what cymbals you were playing on all the Steeplechase stuff, and remember you answered me? Could you answer that same question again, as I seemed to have forgotton where it was I asked you and can't find the reply!
Thanks again,

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