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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name: Hunter

age: 15

how long been playing: 2 years

origin of user name: hmmmm.....

top 5 drummers: Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, Chad Smith, Longineu Parsons, Thomas Lang

make of drumkit: PREMIER

make of cymbal: Zildjian

where do you practice: my basement!

are you in a band/s: unfortunately not yet...gotta start hanging around the right crowd!

covers or originals: well it would be covers

what style of music: funk, jazz, punk, straight-up rock!

favourite take out food: chinese/italian

country: USA

one really odd fact about yourself: pppsshheww i speak russian...and play kit w/ traditional grip (a dying art) ;-)

how did you start drumming: This'll sound strange, but I was hooked right after I saw the movie "School of Rock" w/ Jack fact on the way home from the theatre I asked my mom for lessons!