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Hi Gregg,

Originally Posted by jazzgregg
No I have NOT head of that Quintet! What have you got for me, LPs? Reel to reels? Old rehearsal tapes?! Don't tease me like that unless you've got something for me!
I'm afraid we never recorded anything .. or at least we never released anything.
I might have a little something somewhere though (I'll get back to you if I find it).

Strangely, I think I've heard of V8, not sure how/where/why...
Well, we did make a studio recording once ... but it never got released! So I can't really say how you may have heard of us. Great band though. We were two drummers: Kasper Winding and me. What a lot of nice noise!!!

Regarding Marylin's band, do I even want to ask how/why you were in an all girl band (which of course, during your tenure was quite obviously not all-girl...)?
Take a look at the pic in my international driver's license from back then .. and you'll know how and why!!!

Thanks from all of us again for your time, thought and insight making this a frequently updated thread because of you.
Aw, you are too kind. It's certainly my pleasure to pop in here from time to time and see what you guys have been writing. Thanks again for your interrest!

Best wishes
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