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oh well ......i have the Groove Essentials DVD and its really a niche amongst the so many other drum tutorial dvds around .......... the simple way he broke the groove, emphasized on the real aura of the rhythm and mood and then improvised ...... thts wonderfully enriching .......
oh and btw He is not at all geeky but very normal ...and the DVD may appear deceptively simple because Tommy makes it so !!!!! this guy is a class apart .. he is an acclaimed teacher in clinics and even in university.

only one gripe ..... somewhere he or maybe his publisher commented that the accompanying band music would be available in a downloadable drumless format from the DVD website and now i see that they have come up with a CD with the Play-Along book which i again need to buy ...... This is SIMPLY WRONG .... will Bernhard or someone who meets him pass this objection to him ?
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