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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
What do you mean he's a bad teacher? Do you mean it was over your head? It would be hard to make an insructional dvd and appease every skill level.
I agree. Particularly if you're talking about his newest technique DVD, which to me is more like a "diary update" on the changes he's been making to his playing in the last decade. Very useful if you know what he's talking about, as he covers and implies a bunch of stuff that's quite insightful.

Example: The section where he talks about double stroke rolls in the right hand. He says, basically, that he shifted to using a rotational movement for doubles after being given an exercise by Freddie Gruber. He doesn't say what that exercise was for, but the implication is that it's a way of switching between german and french grips without sending the stick off on a funny angle. That's useful for a start, I'm working on that now. Then you see how he found the "power" that movement gives on the outward turn and applied that to getting cleaner double strokes. That's also useful, because it gives you an insight into how Weckl approaches analysis of every movement he makes with an eye to learning new, useful techniques.

But I guess if you're just looking for an explaination of how to play the drums from a basic level you'd probably be better off with Tommy Igoe or something of the like. Weckl isn't working on that stuff, so he's not covering that stuff.
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