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mike portnoy is definately one of my favorite drummers, and a top influence, but i think as many people have said before in this thread, its silly to call him the greatest drummer in the world as lots of people most surely do. i think the one thing portnoy is great at is that he fits his genre of music wonderfully. to say hes the greatest drummer in the world is stupid, but to say hes one of the greatest drummers (if not the greatest) to ever play his specific genre of music(prog metal kinda stuff) wouldnt be a bad assumption to make. sure there are better musicians like neil peart, but his band was completely different from dream theater from what ive heard (all of this is just my humble opinion however)
mike was the first drummer i really liked to listen to after being a travis fanboy for months(shudder) and his playing has taught me a lot of stuff, and ive learned a lot from watching him and listening to his band.
sure he may not be the fastest drummer in the world, he may not have the best technique, but when you think about it, drummers like hime are entertainers, and mike does a damn good job
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