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I agree with you.. Off course the hole point of a concert is the music. But a concert with musicians that just stands straigt up an down and playing music is one thing, but a complete different thing is to see a band that gets the crowd going and make an awsome stage show and is still playing the music. Wich is what SlipKnot does.
But Rush and SlipKnot is two different bands and the fans are different too and enjoys different things. To put it in a different way: Toto was playing in Oslo and of course I was there. Steve asked every musicians in the hall to raise there hands. I coudn't see anything but hands. And I think it's the same with Rush. A nine minutt drum solo live is funny for a musician, but not for anyone who's not a musician. The same with Joey's solo, but if he ads a 90 degree drum platform to it I think just about evert fan would go nut. Get my point?
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