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Originally Posted by MagnZ
I love joey's playing and the solo on disasterpiece... And the solo is just a crowd pleaser? ehh you're on a stage in front of thousands of fans. To please your the crowd is what you get paid for.. the hole point of a concert. So of course its a crowd pleaser. But it also awsome playing:D \m/OoO
I see Peart in Bonzo in concert in front of maybe more people, and not do stick twirls and tosses. Peart does a few, but the only ones in the solo are at the end [Picturing R-30]. Ive never seen Bonzo flip his stick either. And the whole point of a concert? I think the whole point of the concert is to play music. Just pointing out somethings.

I've never been in to death metal, but I so respect their drummers. I'm really not to crazy on Jordison, but I still think hes got some talent.
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