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Default Re: Travis Barker

For me to Sum this up on a Positive note:

I've been reading & posting myself back & forth views on Travis Barker because of this's a valid subject, because of the level of noterioty & drumming ability, we all can learn from the comments & about other drummers views & complete differances of oppinions...thanks to Travis's success.

I think the main thing to learn from this thread, is we're all at differant levels of ability & success, depending on your own personal expectations, you may have already accomlished your goals, even if it will always be just a hobby for you & a love for the instrument...

there is a whole other world out there to deal with and that goal is fine & maybe realistic for you...should I critisize, your problably smarter than me...LOL..but your also lucky enough not to be in the public eye were the whole world can all critisize & pick you to peices in forums like this & other media resources

But realize this for maybe your own future, because you may soon be in the limelight & will you be able to deal with this type of critisism ....the lesson to be learned from this forum is..

This may be the toughest part of the music industry, & the differance between you grabbing that ring or stepping down & settling for a more reasonable goal, critism can destroy a persons confidence, incentive & ambition

We can all thank & honor Travis Barker no matter what we think of his drumming for his strength, endurance and professionalism for over coming all the obsticles it takes to get where he is today...and maybe because of this forum someone out there will realize & be more aware of these obstacles that are just as important as talent & ability to be successful in the music did Travis Barker...

Good Luck All...& sorry about the essay...

Peace! Lee
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