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Originally Posted by russcat
Let's argue for pages on end about an endless topic.Let us be dumbasses and be jealous of someone who has accomplished more than 99% of us ever will.Yeah,sounds fun.
Russcat, I respect where you're goin' with that, but all music isn't about the fame and fortune angle. Do you really think Tony Williams or Elvin Jones ever cared about havin' a reality show or a mansion in Bel Air? Superficially, they only cared about being who they were, and knowing conclusively who others weren't. None of that has ever translated into walkin' around money.

As I have surveyed this thread, I really don't see alot of bashing. Most everyone with Travis criticisms state specifically why they feel the way they do, often with technical jargon to back it up. That's not bashing or jealousy, and is far different than sayin' you suck then just running away. As for the other side, I'm mostly seeing a series of misplaced love letters, along with some better posters like Beats McGee, who I believe are honestly trying to get everyone to see a middle road, although I continue to believe that his technique is an overblown issue for reasons I have already explained.

If we as musicians are equating success with how much stuff we have, then we are in the wrong profession.
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