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Originally Posted by T-1000
When I first heard Travis's playing, I was instantly hooked and it made me want to become a drummer. I think Travis has done that - made people want to drum - more than any drummer I know of, and I think the reason for this is that his beats and patterns harbour a fundamental 'catchiness' that appeals strongly to all people - be they drummers or not.

He was the first drummer I was exposed to that actually enhanced the songs he played on, as opposed to merely keeping time, and, as a result, he will always be one of my favourite drummers.

His technique may be questionable, and his showmanship excessive - but I challenge you to find me a modern (pop) punk drummer whose rhythms and fills stick to the back of the brain so fiercely...

Oh yeah, Derek Grant (Alk3) and Dave Ruan (Lagwagon) are also pretty good.

i agree with you completely.. except the part where you question his technique.. on the contrary i think that is one of the few things non-Barker fans agree on.. is that he does have good technique....on the other hand people do make remarks on the way he sets his kit up... but ive seen plenty of weird ass setups on this site... and it all has to do with your personal comfort so that argument really dosnt hold up..
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