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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

Well, I've always picked out the drums when listening to songs, rather than listening to the song as a whole. When I was about 14, my school friends and I decided we would start a band, because that way we'd get to meet all the famous band members we had crushes on lol. One friend could sing pretty good, so she was nominated as singer, another friend played keyboard so she was keyboardist (this was the 80's, EVERY band had a keyboardist lol), so my other friend and I were left and I said I'd be the drummer. The band never eventuated (except in our heads lol, and we did write a couple of songs ha ha). I was never allowed to play drums back then, though. So as time went by I gave up on that dream somewhat, but knew in my heart one day I'd learn. Well, 20 years down the track, and I'm finally doing that. I guess the 20 year wait made me even more determined to learn, and to do it well.
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