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Default Re: the "how" thread

Music- I've been listening to the band Yes literally my whole life and also drumming the same amount of time, the two just seemed to go hand in hand. My dad also is a musician with his own studio and i would play the drumset there (until it got in the way of him working, so he bought me my own sized kit for my first birthday)
Drummer- Bill Bruford and Alan White, the two drummers for Yes. I got the intricacies and out there ideas from Bruford, and the power and eloquence of White.
Person- My father! Bought me my own kit for my first birthday ... there's home video footage of me playing actual beats on the kit way back then!
Style- My style of actual playing is extremely unique, but styles of music would be everything from funk to progressive rock to jazz and pop (if well produced, like Seal or Peter Gabriel, Sting, etc)
Inspirations- The number of virtuosos always surrounding me is always awe inspiring (My father is a master guitar player, and I'm surrounded by others constantly like my drum teacher and Vinnie Moore, etc). Knowing the amount of work they put into getting their playing to the level its at is incredible, and really keeps me pushing my own boundaries...
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