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Originally Posted by chris 2006
I totally agree with the idea of, he is over rated for all the wrong reasons. I mean i could understand the thing about "wow, hes fast! so he must be good." but i think of that as a very inexperienced view on drumming. His solo's will be good... to some one who knows nothing about drummers and drumming, but to some one who knows about these things you would much prefer to listen to Mike Portnoy or something like that becaus it is good drummer with heart and feelings in it, not just fast hands.

I think Barker has lived next to the he's fast quote for too long a time. I don't even really think this is entirely true. I think he employs theatrical physical mannerisms that make him appear faster than he actually is. This is combined with agressively accented double time and triplet patterns that create an illusion that more is going on than is actually occurring.

When I listen to or observe Joe Morello for example, I see an economy of very relaxed movement that on the surface makes you think he is slow as a tortise. But to listen to the recording of that same performance is a much different thing indeed, along with an obvious highest end musicianship that is obvious to all.
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