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Default Re: The Buddy Rich trick

I've been working on it for the longest left hand (weak) is finally to the point where I can play get about 650 strokes in a minute...sadly my strong hand hasn't been able to get that "snap" I've gotten with my left hand.
From what I can remember, I started it out as almost a single handed buzz role (not sounding like it though, just to get the feel.) and eventually got to the point where I could make larger movements with my fingers....
....that's the other thing...I don't lift my hand back like in the Gladstone video, but I'm using my fingers like jo-jo...

If anyone's got anything else I've missed, I'm still workin' on my right hand...idk what I'm doing different from my left! ....I'll try to post a video soon.

Keep on drumming!!!

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