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Originally Posted by Anchein Vouivra
I'm not really in, and don't dig this "Weckle-Colaiuta-Gadd-Chambers-Steve Smith..." drumming pantheon. They're are too glorified and used by their endorsements as THE DRUM REFERENCE. Too technical and they are all playing fusion which make feel each one sound more and more similar. But it's like always very personal, it's just music that doesn't move me (maybe at the exception of Gadd).

I kind of see where your coming from but all of those drummers are or were the top drummers since the 70's.Dave Weckl is not my favourite drummer (he's in my top 10) but I do have to admit that hearing some of the solos he does makes me believe that he is probably the most technically proficient drummer in the world.I have heard others that have come close (not many!!) but I would rank him at the top of my technical drummers list.I still prefer drummers such as Stewart Copeland and Manu Katche over him however.
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