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Default What got you started playing drums?

This thread is a thread about the "HOW" that got you into to drums.....I would like to know.....

Music- ( The music and bands who got you into drums)
Drummer- (The drummer who got you into the drums)
Person- ( A specific person you know who got/helped get you into drums)
Style- ( The style you enjoy playing most on drums)
Inspirations- ( Anything that inspired you to play in the first place and keep on playing to the best of your abilities)

Here is mine....

Music- In the beginning such bands as Aerosmith, Sum 41, Metallica, Children of Bodom. Basically the music that got me into it was anything that seemed challenging but not to far out of reach....(and i have come along way since those bands)
Drummer- A specific drummer than inspires me and keeps wanting me to try harder and get better would probobly #1 be John Blackwell. I really like his playing and showmanship. Really a terrific drummer.
Person- My uncle was a direct person that got me into playing drums...He played the drums for 30 some years and had a sweet 16 pc. drumset...whenever I went over there I asked if he could teach me something new and if I would make a good drummer...and he always encouraged me.
Style- Right now I really enjoy playing anything that fits what I'm feeling or enjoy to play... If I could only play three styles though I would pick Funk....Metal....and Jazz....these three styles I really enjoy playing.
Inspirations- My inspirations over the years to drums have been people always telling me what great coordination I have, people recommending I play drums...for several reason a lot of the time teacher because i would bang on the desk and annoy everyone...which i still do to this day.

This is pretty much my "how"...yours can be longer or shorter..doesn't matter...
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