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Originally Posted by Jaymasta
You can't just judge tommy now you haven't seen everything he can do on drums and I think he is an excellent drummer he can do alot of stuff. His solo's are mainly about fun and he probably is better than most here that are bashing him he started playing when he was four and he's pretty damn good. Before you say you could of done better you should try out for yourself It's harder than it looks. Travis Barker is also a fine drummer he's got alot of talent but his latest solo on drummerworld was also about the fun of it! Flashing lights and a spinning drum platform that goes high it more about the visuals for that solo In my opinion And Tommy Lee is on the site just look! or type it....

ur right as far comparing goes he has his style i hav mine...but what bout this ^ (bold) ^. i shur could've done better than him nd i hav tried it. i played snare nd quads for 3 yrs. (8th-soph) nd im planing on playin hem this junior yr. azwell.

note: i was one of the best snare drummers at my old highschool. it was a private school not huge, but filled w/ talent.
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