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Originally Posted by somedrummer
Having watched through R30 a few times now, I have a few questions. (I apologize if these things have already been discussed here and please point me in the right direction).

Secondly, my mom and I were wondering about the washer and dryer and other appliances on stage with the band. I'm sure there must be some story behind them, but what is it?

I am a big Rush fan and a bigger Peart fan. I have seen them live 14 different tours and enjoyed every one of them, have never seen a bad Rush show or performance.

As for the appliances, Rush has always had some wierd stuff on stage, it's mainly Geddys doings but Alex has been know to put up some weird stuff also. the appliance thing started sevral tours ago, maybe it was test for echo, with a refridgerator, then went to the maytag dryers. they have t shirts in them and at the end of the show the band members take them out and toss them to the crowd. They say " I got this t-shirt from dryer #1 at a Rush show" or something close to that.

Geddy used to have a lot of little toys and charcters that he would set up on his keyboard setup, on top of the amps, etc. The last tour he stuck them in the revolving sandwich vending machine.

I have seen bozo the clown, a cardboard cutout of a bikini clad babe, the 3 stooges stuffed heads sitting on top the amps, a case of beer, pirates, parots, alex walk off stage while palying his guitar in the middel of a song and sit on top of a roadie who was taking a nap, a Birthday cake complete with lit candels....anyway you get the point the band likes to have fun while they perform and it comes across in the energy of the show. they ENJOY IT!
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