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Originally Posted by Lee Mangano
Thanx for the Compliment and the critism...Sorry I'm not good at getting my point across with 1 sentence...I'll try & shorten it up...I don't want the site to crash cause of my post

1st DW...I am not jealous of anyone in the world, I have accomplishments in this field, some maybe greater than Travis Barker, I am also "Honored" to be one of 1,300 drummers on this web site on "Links"pg & I just made the "Wish List" under M (Lee Mangano)...go to my website & view and your welcome to critisize me as I did Travis. Part of the biz

I never once said Travis sucks and I also blessed his success...and begrudge no one's happiness..he has some great qualities as a drummer, his aggresive playing & attack and visual appearence...but still to answer this original thread...his talent didn't get him were he is, you prove it did.

you prove it didn't. had he not played in blink182 he wouldn't have got the recognition. remember that "Meet The Barkers" didn't start until blink was nearly on its last legs, so his success cannot be attributed to that really... I honestly think he gained the recognition for the way he plays. Sure, it's not the most creative drumming out there but can you imagine someone such as Neil Peart or Danny Carey playing the way they do to Blink182 pop punk songs? It simply wouldn't work. When you stand Travis Barker up against others in his genre who get similar credit (Tre Cool, the guy from Good Charlotte [I dislike the band too much to look up his name], the guy from Simple Plan [likewise], Derek Grant from Alkaline Trio [is that his name? it escapes me!]) he holds his own, with the exception of Derek, but I like Alkaline Trio a lot. Therefore his talent simply lies in being able to write suitable beats (note that's suitable and not the best) for the music that Blink wrote. I personally like the middle section from "First Date" and the beat from "Feeling This", to name two. I'll make the point now that I'm not a massive fan of Blink but I was quite into punk/ pop-punk in recent years and Blink were one of the bands whose albums have rested amongst my collection and a couple of their CD's still do. I don't dislike them, but they're far from my favourite. I wouldn't say Travis is amazing, but he's certainly good at what he does. His being overrated - depends on who you talk to.

Enjoy my essay, the novel will be out in the fall... heh.
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