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Originally Posted by DWDrummer
lee mangano u are wack man.

look at another solo of his, that one you wrote an essay critiquing isn't his best work's kind of weird you write a dam short story man.....don't go into specific detail... that's just scary....he's a good drummer... who gets paid to play drums... your pretty jealous if you ask me

it says ur a pro drummer in ur profile.. but I don't need your whole philosophy on travis barker man
Thanx for the Compliment and the critism...Sorry I'm not good at getting my point across with 1 sentence...I'll try & shorten it up...I don't want the site to crash cause of my post

1st DW...I am not jealous of anyone in the world, I have accomplishments in this field, some maybe greater than Travis Barker, I am also "Honored" to be one of 1,300 drummers on this web site on "Links"pg & I just made the "Wish List" under M (Lee Mangano)...go to my website & view and your welcome to critisize me as I did Travis. Part of the biz

I never once said Travis sucks and I also blessed his success...and begrudge no one's happiness..he has some great qualities as a drummer, his aggresive playing & attack and visual appearence...but still to answer this original thread...his talent didn't get him were he is, you prove it did.

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