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Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat
We'll leave my face out of this for that. It's a post-modern pose... an anti-pose if you will. Heh.

I can't stand Slipknot, no, but I can appreciate the work that goes into it. That's the difference. I understand that Joey is a good drummer (I would argue he's good, not great, but good). I never said I could do it, but in all honesty that kind of musical 'statement' is literally an exercise in practice. With enough practice, I'm sure quite a lot of people could play it. It's just a matter of sitting there for hours with a pad each day and a double pedal. Speed comes with practice and technique, but making music is an entirely different kettle of fish all together.
I dont think it would take him much practice to do that. Everyone has their own style type thing when it comes to a drum solo. I can do one myself thats an asortment of all the techniques that iv learned through my playing. Everyone has something skillful that they play to people when they get on the drums. So what im saying is that Joey's solo is his thing, so therefore it wouldnt be that difficult for him to perform it. However, if he or any player were to try and learne someone elses solo, it would take hours of practice. You are good at what you play.
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