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Lee, i agree that one solo that you keep refering to is a little simplistic etc... but that is the worst solo ive ever seen him do and there are much better if you fancy looking... but i agree hes not the best and im not arguing that he is, i just enjoy his style and intensity and he is actually pretty creative, dispite the negativity that is spinning off that solo reveiw.. for example the MTV "duet" series that got cancelled way back in the day features blink-182 and of course Travis, they auditioned kids to play along with Travis to "Stay together for the kids" and during that duets he does some pretty creative stuff... but i said im well aware there are much better drummers, and i love them too, but does it mean you have to only like the elite of the elite (as far as drummers) and one can not find qualites in other drummers to enjoy???
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