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Originally Posted by Lee Mangano
I have no problem with him livin the dream, God Bless him... I didn't bring the subject up I only responded to it because it does trouble me the amount of recognition he gets does not come even close to his talent level...

If you look on the opening page of this website under the "Most viewed" it's Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, Louie Bellson and.... "TRAVIS BARKER" ...

Thats like in a statement about NFL QB's you mentioned Joe Montanna, Dan Marino, Bart Star, Jonny Unitus, John Elway and " TRENT DILFER"....

I use Trent Dilfer because he has a Super Ring, gets Paid for his passion and livin his dream like you say, but still is mentioned in the same sentence with that group of players as Travis Barker....with the "truly "Greatest" drummers of all time. Doesn't quite fit.

My oppinion mostly comes from the live drum solo he has on the website...the one were 75 % of the time he is actually playing a basic drum beat...the same beat i teach all my beginner students starting at 7 years of age. And some of my students don't lose time like he does playin that simplistic solo...embarresing !!!

The sad part is he actually stops to listen to people clapping & screaming about 4 times & starts the basic drum beat's very sad....and embarressing and displays exactly how medioca & unimaginative & unimpressive Travis Barker is to answer your other statement and mine....

I hope the next drummer listed on the most viewed sites on Drummerworld is one of the 12 or 13 yr olds on here that are rediculas in Talent & playing from the heart like the 8yr old on the trash cans with sisters 4-8 yrs old dancin for him...they're smokin individuals...

those are the people I would hope the majority would look up to, I think in the entertainment world you have to recognize true talent & not think someone has it only because they are livin the dream...and getting paid for it....

In my world I was brought up that you earn respect, and don't expect it unless you can back it up with truth, confidence and talent no matter what your cause or way of life is

Peace!! and have a "Great" day...Lee

you toatally got me wrong
i dont like travis barker probably as much as you do
and so what if theyre are "eleventeen yearolds" who beleve he is the greatest drummer out there. sure its wrong, but im saying we should just forgert about it and stop bashing.
i cant stnad the way travis barker plays. and yeah it is discusting on how much fame he gets for it, but what can we do? hes doing well, and hes happy.
keep it together
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