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Originally Posted by chewaz
i know this an old question but wich cymbals exactly did Bonham used? ,i know the 2002 and the giant beat, and the big 24" ride and the 15" soundedge, but i have been never sure about the crases, and if he ever used a china
This is where lots of conflicting information comes in. The Paiste website says he used a 16" medium,18" medium, 18" ride, 24" ride and of course the 15" sound edges, and 38" symphonic gong. Jeff Ocheltree's video claimed it was an 18" and 20" medium crash, with the 24" ride and 15" hh and on occasion, would use an additional 18" medium crash on the right behind the 20". Then there is the Paiste list floating around on the web that is supposed to be the actual agreement between JB and Paiste. You can see that here:
Then the book, says he used a 16" or 18" on the left and an 18" medium ride for crashing on his right. The book also said sometimes he used a 20" or a 22" crash/ride on the right. Its safe to say he had a lot of different sizes that he mixed and matched when he felt like it. The only size I didn't see on the Paiste list was the 22". But he was John Bonham, and could've been given one or picked one up anywhere. No china is ever mentioned, but neither are the exrta instruments used during studio work. I have the all of the studio albums on cd, and I haven't picked up on a china being used in there, but I can't say he NEVER used one. Personally, it wouldn't be "his" sound, he had that sound that he maintained throughout his career. To me, a china just doesn't fit in there.
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