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Originally Posted by KzSgDrummer
For the majority of his career, his two main crashes were the 16" and 18" 2002 Mediums. For instance, the first crash at :00 of Kashmir is the 18". And because of him I at one point had both those crashes plus the 14" Sound Edges and the 20" Ride (I was a little bit obsessed hehe). I still have the 18" and the hi-hats, and I'll never willingly let them go. I had a dream about the 18" cracking where I cried and then got really really pissed off and started wrecking other non-drum related stuff..!
:O. so he never used a chinażż?? have you notice an 18 Avedis medium crash weights less than a 18" 2002 crash wich's suppoused to be a medium weight,
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