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The 'X/Y' technique is used to get a perfect stereo image of an audio source (or that's its intention at least). You can do this with two mic stands, or one if you have a multi-mic adapter for the one stand. Basically, you point both mics towards the corner of a right angle. The idea is that the sound arrives at both mics at the same time. Each mic 'looks over the shoulder' of the other mic to catch the oposite stereo image. The mic on the right will be getting more of the sound on the left, and vice versa. Usually, these mics get used as overheads and a good starting place is just above your head when you are sitting down at the drum throne.

There are lots of great ways to mic the drums. I know there are a few common ones that actually have names but they escape me right now. I won't bother to explain them all in detail because that info is widely available via search. I will tell you my current favorite way to mic though. I use one small diaphram condensor in omni mode just over my head, pointing down towards the center of my kit, or right about where my right knee is. I use a large diaphram dynamic in the kick. Lately I've been using a small diaphram dynamic on the snare, but I think I'm about to switch to a small diaphram condensor in cardiod mode. I like to use a large diaphram condensor in the other room for my 'room mic'.
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