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[quote=Stu_Strib]I love this forum! This is the only forum on the internet (yes, I've checked them all, hehe) that can have an intelligent discussion about Mr. Barker without a huge fight breaking out.

His videos on drummerworld are the worst examples of good drumming of all the ones Bernhard has posted.

Thanks for the mature discussion on this topic, and lets hope all the "Travis Barker RULZ!" crowd stays away from this thread.

I couldn't agree more with you and have already replied a few times about that embarresing drum solo posted on his site...and of what i have read so far pretty mature discussion without outragous remarks that mean nothing.

My reaction to reply to this thread was when i saw on the home page the "Most Viewed" sites...Louie Bellson, Buddy Rich, Neil Peart & "TRAVIS BARKER"....

anyone who has questioned my original statement about his talent isn't responsable for his noteriety & exposure, but his Bands high record sales, VH1's show and a ton of Tatoo's got him where he is today....not his unimpressive (As you also mentioned) drumming...

Peace!!! & you have a "Great" day....Lee
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