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Default Re: mics

Originally Posted by Chip

8< snip snip snip >8

Will 2 cymbal mics cover hats, 2 crashes and a ride?

It's not for any serious recording, just to record ideas, track progress, maybe record a few songs with the band. I can go elsewhere for serious recording.
Two mics will cover your setup pretty well. I use a pair of condensors in an x-y position placed about the middle of the kit and about 3-feet above. This setup gets all of my cymbals and does a pretty good job on the snare and toms, too. It's a little weak on the bass, though.

Actually, I also get pretty good sound just from my "room" mic, a large condensor (Rode). It does as good a job with the cymbals and the toms/snare as the two overheads, but it does a better job with the bass drum. I usually mix that in with the overheads and the close mics, but it has a pretty kickass sound all on its own. I have that mic placed about 8 feet away and about 4 feet of the floor.

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