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Been watching the Supernova show since it aired and Nate knows how to perform. He nails it down, very showy as well, lots of stick twirls and such, saw him drop one in the middel and only missed one beat fetching a new stick.. nice kit, lots of effects cymbals and such, looks like 2 difffernt sized kick drums must need that beacuse of all the different cover materilas they are doing. Wonder if the songs that the contestenats get to pick each week are also new to the house band or if they were able to do up a catalog of songs prior to the show?

The bass player, Jason Newsted for Supernova did a song with one of the contestants last show, wonder if Tommy Lee will get on Nates kit and bang out a tune some time here in the future?

Anyway the show is worth checking out just to listen to Nate and the house band, although most of the singers can also rock and bring it as well.
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