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Default Dave Lombardo

to pick it up again and now concrete:
what's your opinion on this guy?

for myself he has inspired me some years ago, because he never set himself boundaries for some genres. besides slayer he did the known side projects and also did some latin stuff.

If you see him play you see that he is self taugt but my intention wasn't to do one of these "he'sthebestdrummeroftheworldbecauseI'mignorantand don'tknowanyotherdrummers-post" anyway. I like his style, seasons in the abyss, south of heaven and fantomes first lp are one of my favorites feat. lombardo. In my opinion he has done especially on the metal recordings some unusual rythm-stuff for this genre...

and also I have to give em props because he's a type of drummer who treats other drummers with respect
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