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Originally Posted by mikei
You are kidding right?

DLR is what made VH great. DLR solo was a catastrophe I will admit. But Sammy cannot sing the old songs at all. Van Hagar is just a pop rock band. Definitely not even close to the innovative band with DLR.

DLR screwing up the lyrics at shows and being hammered is part of what made them great. His arrogance, stage presence and being almost like a stand up comic on stage was amazing!

Remember, even on their studio albums, Dave was constantly messing up with his timing (Listen to the break in unchained), laughing and joking (Bottoms Up, Unchained, Ice Cream Man, Everybody Wants Some and so many others) that people should have realized that DLR is DLR. It is his "don't give a crap" attitude that made the music fun. He was just having a great time and people loved it. They never tried to hide the mistakes.

I hope someday they will do a reunion with DLR. I am sure that it wont happen though.

Alex usually kept pretty simple beats so that Eddie and DLR could go nuts. He laid a great foundation.
amen ! :) totaly agree.. allthough i really liked hagars voice in the song dreams
helloween: im alive.. now thats good drumming
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