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Originally Posted by Lee Mangano
My name is Lee

As far as Travis Barker...I respect that he has been noticed in this business, but as a drummer I believe the fact that his bands record sales where high, he has a ton of tattoo's and VH1 did a "Meet the Barkers" show is the only reason Travis gets the notoriety & exposure he has nothing to do with his unimpressive drumming....

Lee Mangano
Well, i think Travis is a pretty lucky guy because he came in the right band at the right point, and the people recognizede that he's not only a normal drummer, but that he's a good entertainer, too and that`s why he got his own tv show and of course he just gets his image by seeling many records and having a lot of tattos, but there you can see it is all about the image and i think blink would never be there where they are now without travis!!!
And of course it's your opinion that you think his drumming is unimpressive but i think that's what it's definitelty not because if it would be unimpressive he wouldn't have been that famous now because his style of playing the drums made him to what he's now!!
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